Cleanup on Aisle 9

Sustainable sound: Sonos & Marley

November 24, 2021 John & Jesse Season 1 Episode 5
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Real-time mosquito murders! Dipping Jesse in formaldehyde! And the ghost of Bob Marley, driving around in a van! What does all this have to do with sustainable packaging? Tune in & find out!

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Death of a mosquito
Jesse and Formaldhyde
Memphis Mosquitos
Sustainable vs Greenwashing
Catch 22 - iPhone Packaging
Out of Body Experience
Cheap Cost of Plastics
Do you even Sonos bro?
Recycling what where?
Sonos Roam FTW
Who loves a big clamshell?
The House of Marley at the airport
Bob Marley's van
Driving around in a beer truck
House of Marley packaging
Getting revenge on mosquitos